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Classic Outdoors

2225 Speers Ave Saskatoon Sk S7L 5X6


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Saskatchewans Paddle Sports Shop



Classic Outdoors is the place where paddlesports begins in Saskatoon. The outdoor store was started based on the enjoyment of the lake when the owner, Jonas Hildebrandt was young.

Classic Outdoors is a full service paddlesports shop and is moving into other outdoors specialty categories. If you are in Saskatoon, stop in and check out all of the great boats and gear we have in stock and ask about what’s coming in new for the 2017 paddling season. You’ll be sure to find a great place to start your next adventure!




Meet the Team

Jonas Hildebrandt

“My parents and uncles always made sure we had things to do, and one of them was paddling canoes and kayaks. Over time, these two sports turned into seeking a passion and brought us to Classic Outdoors”.


Cliff Jessup

Biography: Clifford Sydney Jessup

Born in Iroquois Falls Northern Ontario a town that is noted for two things the coldest recorded temperature in Ontario at -73 F and the Black fly song the unofficial anthem of the community. Cliff’sswift-mandy grandparents moved to Northern Ontario from the Ottawa Valley following the Forest industry north. His ancestors were the Rafts men of the Ottawa River who logged White Pine trees then floated them down to Montreal. Cliff was raised in the culture of these forest people .

Cliff spent his summers at Watabeag Lake where his Grandparents owned and operated a hunting and fishing Lodge. From an early age he spent his time splitting wood, hauling garbage, cleaning fish  , bailing and repairing boats. His favorite activity was eating his grandmothers Blue Berry Pie. Cliff’s  father Murray Jessup supported his family working for Abitibi Paper Company, while his true passion was for prospecting . Cliff spent much of his spare time helping his father with this endeavor. At an early age he was using an axe and compass to stake claims and cut geophysics lines in the bush. Most of this was done in winter on snowshoes. Cliff had High school summer jobs on the log drive with the Woods Department on Lake Abitibi and the Abitibi River . He also worked for Oliver Fly in Camps of White River Ontario where he was a hunting & fishing guide at the  Fly in Camps.

His Post Secondary education was at Sault College Sault Ste Marie as a Forestry Technician . Lakehead University Thunder Bay as a Timber Harvesting Technologist. In April 1975 Cliff started working with Prince Albert Pulpwood Prince Albert Saskatchewan , he worked for that organization for 24 years. He then started his own Forestry Consulting Firm which he operated for 7 years. With the downturn in the forest industry Cliff returned to school and obtained a Geographic Information Certificate from SAIST.

Cliff has a lifelong interest in canoes, and the canoe culture also the Fur trade and its impact on Canada . He has paddled numerous rivers such as the Fonde Du Lac, Geikie, Foster, Clearwater and of course the Churchill. Hunting, fishing and gathering are also interests of Cliff which are where he learned his bushcraft skills.

While living in Prince Albert Cliff volunteered and was a director of the Prince Albert Winter Festival King Trapper event which showcases traditional Bushcraft skills. Cliff also was a volunteer director of the Canadian Challenge Sled dog race. The race is the longest dogsled race entirely in Canada which as a director he rerouted the trail to be entirely in the bush and on lakes not down the highway ditch as it was prior to his involvement. This task involved a considerable amount of mapping and clearing of old trails.

Cliff is presently employed by Classic Outdoors as a Sales associate.


Amy Berg

As a kid, my parents always encouraged outdoor play and I think that’s why the outdoors seem like such a large part of my life. My family’s done a lot of camping over the years, from tenting to truck camper to fifth wheel – we’ve done is all! I started going on school canoe trips in elementary school  and in grade 11 I was lucky enough to be accepted into the Outdoor School Program (10/10. Would recommend). We went on numerous excursions including hiking, snowshoeing, and skiing among other things. Since then I’ve been daydreaming about trips, but I jump at any chance to get outside play with my 3 dogs, bike ride, paddleboard, canoe, kayak, or just enjoy myself.